Cserkeszőlő is the most successful and most dynamically developing bath resort in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, in the south part of Northern Great Plains Region. The village lies in the Tiszazug microregion, in the natural environment bordered by the rivers Körös and Tisza. The township is easy to reach from any point of the country. From Budapest, Highway M5, then from Kecskemét Main Road 44 lead to the village. Developing the bath has been the main strategy of the township for decades. As a result, the spa became well-known not only nationwide but internationally, too.

The bath is open on every day of the year.

Guests who buy a ticket get a wristband which grants them the right to multiple entries on the day of the purchase. With the wristband you can use some of our services, too, e.g. sauna, canvas slide or the giant slide.

Discounts available upon entry:

- student and senior citizen discount based on a valid ID
- discount for local citizens available only with ID card and address card
- group discount for at least 15 people entering together
- afternoon ticket usually four hours before closing time
- morning swimming ticket valid from opening until 9 a.m.

For our returning guests we offer a weekly pass or ten-day ticket. The weekly pass can be used on seven consecutive days, while the ten-day ticket is valid any time during the year of purchase.

Our thermal water has beneficial effects on locomotor disorders, on spine, back and waist diseases, respiratory complaints and skin problems.

Water composition:

According to the chemical analysis / Fodor József National Public Health Center, National Institute of Environmental Health OKI V. 1345/99 / the water of Thermal Well No. I. is sodium bicarbonate mineral water containing 229 mg/l salt, 2,5 mg/l fluorite, 68 mg/l metasilicic acid (H2SiO3).

According to the chemical analysis (OKI V. 1347/99.), the water of Thermal Well No. II. is sodium bicarbonate mineral water containing 1675 mg/l salt.

According to the chemical analysis, the chemical properties of the water in Wells No. II and No. III are identical, their composition is the same within the limits of natural oscillation. Geophysical and hydro-dynamical measurements and the hydro-geological expert report confirmed the unity of the reservoir and identical water genetics.

Findings of the studies are officially documented by the National Spa and Thermal Bath Directorate of the National Medical Officer Service.

Expert report: water with alkali chloride and bicarbonates belonging to the group of brown, iodine mineral waters.

You can find several catering units and boutiques on the area of the bath. Its own Sunbeam Restaurant serves really delicious meals, varied and favorably priced daily menu as well as breakfast.

Composition of the Cserkeszőlő water
   Mg/litre Mmol/Litre
Potassium K+ 12,20 0,31
Sodium Na+ 570,00 24,78
Ammonium NH4- 9,40 0,52
Calcium CA2+ 18,60 0,33
Magnesium Mg2+ 0,70 0,06
Iron Fe+ 0,03 0,00
Lithium Li+ 0,11 0,02
Total cations:  599 26,02
Nitrate  NO3- Can’t be proved
Nitrate NO2- Can’t be proved
Chloride Cl- 181,00 5,10
Bromide Br- 0,41 0,01
Iodide J- 0,61 0,00
Fluoride F- 2,50 0,13
Sulphate SO42- 0,00 0,52
Hydrogen carbonate HCO3- 1380,00 22,70
Sulphide S2- Can’t be proved
Total phosphate: PO43- 0,24 0,01
Total anions:  1412 28,47
Boric acid HBO2 11 -
Silicon dioxide H2SiO3 68 -
Free carbonic acid CO2 3,2 -
Dissolved oxygen O2 1,4  
Total: 2095 54,49
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