Bath pools

strandfurdoThe area of the bath is almost 5 acres, some of its pools are open during winter, too. From 1 May to 30 September, it operates with full capacity. 19 pools (10 open-air, 9 indoor) cool you down during the heat season. Here every age-group is satisfied since we do not only have thermal pools, but we care about children, families (adventure pool, tide pool, baby pool, canvas slide), swimmers, swimming learners (swimming pool and learning pool) and adventure-seekers.




For those tired of water adventures, we offer our sauna, salt room and standard size sports fields for beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach handball and our mini golf track loved by both children and adults. The beach style cocktail bar on the roof of the Sunbeam Restaurant is connected to the swimming pool through a spectacular bridge.

Open-air pools water temperature water depth (meter)
Thermal pool no. I. 38-39  oC 0,9 м
Thermal pool no. II. 36-38 oC 0,9 м
Thermal pool no. III. 36-38 oC 0,9 м
Thermal pool no. V. 35-37 oC 0,9-1 м
Swimming pool 26-28 oC 2,6 м
Tide pool 28-30 oC 0,3-2,4 м
Learning pool 28-30 oC 0,8-1,2 м
Rehabilitative adventure pool 30-34 oC 0,3-0,9 м
Baby pool 30-32 oC 0,4-0,8м
Canvas slide plashing pool 28-30 oC 1 м


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