Indoor bath

telifurdo 1The Jacuzzi is very popular in our indoor bath and has been operating since 2010. Our guests can try two new thermal pools in the complex three-level service unit. The adventure pool is a true paradise for children. Twisting corridors, giant slide, massage, foot massage with air nozzles, as well as an open-air pool with swimming extension are included. Our baby pool is enriched with a mini slide and animal characters. The learning pool is specifically suitable for swimming lessons, but for swimming, too, and not only for children.

Garden beds on the gallery and sauna resting-place in the pool area serves your comfort. Changing rooms for 1200 people, men and women lockers, showers and changing tables for babies are located in the basement.

Indoor pools water temperature water depth (meter)
Thermal pool no. IV. 34-37  oC 1 м
Adventure thermal pool 35-36 oC 1 м
Silent thermal pool 36-38 oC 1 м
Adventure pool 30-32 oC 1-1,2 м
Learning pool 28-30 oC 0,5-1,2 м
Jacuzzi 33-35 oC 1 м
Children's pool 31-33 oC 0-0,3 м
Weightbath pool 33-35 oC 1-1,8 м
Sauna splashing pool 24-26 oC 1 м


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